New StrobFX Ladybug model on Turbosquid.

Here is the second Ladybug I am publishing on Turbosquid. This one is suitable for extreme close-ups.

The first one I did was originally for a car commercial for Cadillac and was only suitable to be seen from far. I improved that first version a bit adding fur and published it no Turbosquid a few years ago.

Then I did another Ladybug (a yellow one that was standing up) from scratch for a Youtube video paid by Marvel to promote the movie Antman, it was called Little Antman. I then started from that model to make the most realistic ladybug (red this time) that I could to sell on  Turbosquid. Since there are already many ladybugs on TS I wanted to make a very realistic and detailed one suitable for macro close-ups. I bought and learned to use Ornatrix with that model and loved it. I can't wait to make some fur animals now!

So here is the model. That version is not rigged yet. I am planning to make a rigged and an animated version soon.



StrobFX stock footage on Shutterstock and Pond5

StrobFX just started selling stock footage on Shutterstock and Pond5. So far I have a CG explosion that I created with PhoenixFD and an insect footage that I filmed in Japan. More to come soon!

See my work on these sites:



Pond5 StrobFX

StrobFX work used in Chaosgroup PhoenixFD installer splash screen.

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I'm very honnored to have some of my images in the PhoenixFD installer splash screen!!! Thanks Chaosgroup!!! PhoenixFD is a fluid simulation software that I use to simulate liquids, fire, smoke explosion and oceans.

King Lionel robot using mocap

StrobFX designed modeled, shaded, animated via mocap and rendered this King Lionel robot for a music video clip for Patrick Guérard, under Patrick Boivin direction. Mocap wit perception Neuron and hair grooming in Ornatrix.

Mobile Strike Playtime VFX breakdown

Voici un petit breakdown de mon travail de VFX et d'animaiton sur le spot Mobile Strike Playtime.

Here is a little breakdown of my VFX and 3D animation work on the Mobile Strike Playtime spot.



Entrevue à propos de mon travail sur CGrecord.

Entrevue à propos de mon travail sur le spot Mobile Strike Playtime par CGrecord:


Interview on CGrecord about my work on the Mobile Strike Playtime Spot:

Spot for Mobile Strike

Voici un spot que je viens de terminer avec mon ami réalisateur Patrick Boivin pour le jeu vidéo Mobile Strike. J'étais en charge de tous les effets visuels, supervision sur le plateau (photo HDR 360, scan 3D de certaines parties du set poureffets d'éclairage) et animation 3D.Les modèles et texutres m'ont été fourni par l'éditeur de Mobile Strike: Epic War (nous avons seulement ajouté des lances-missiles à l'hélico modelisé par mon aide, Joseph Tran). J'ai traqué tous les mouvements de Caméra dans Blender avec un peu d'aide de mon ami Joseph Tran. Le tracking dans Blender fonctionne super bien surtout pour ce genre de shots: i.e. des shots très difficiles et qui se portent très peu au tracking automatisé. Blender était très stable et fluide pour ce genre de travail.

J'ai fait le reste avec 3ds max, V-Ray et PhoenixFD. Quelques explosions ont été faites live sur le plateau et c'était très cool d'y assiter. Le piano a explosé dans une déflagration assez impressionante, par chance on nous fournissait des bouchons d'oreilles! ça nous a pris à peu près 2 semaines pour traquer toutes les 18 shots qui étaient toutes très blurrées, pleines d'objets qui bougent ou de fumée et débris et avec des mouvements assez complexes. Ensuite j'ai passé 2 semaines à faire seul les animations, les simulations de fumée, de feu et d'explosion, l'éclairage et le rendu (j'avais fait le rigging du tank à l'avance).

J'ai par la suite fait des précomps pour le réalisateur Patrick Boivin, qui a fait le comp final lui-même ajoutant détails d'étincelles, débris, lens flare et glow. Patrick a d'ailleur joué le rôle du père avec son fils Roméo.

Ce fut un autre projet très excitant avec Pat et mon seul regret est de ne pas avoir travaillé avec Arnold Schwarzy (qui jouent dans plusieurs spots de ce jeu) même si c'est sa voix qu'on entend à la fin. Peut-être la prochaine fois! ;)


A spot for Mobile Strike that I just did with my friend: director Patrick Boivin.

I was in charge of all the VFX, onset supervison (HDR 360 photo shoot, etc) and 3D animation. I used some assets (3d models and textures) supplied by Mobile Strike's editor: Epic war (we just added some missile launcher to the chooper modeled by my helper Joseph Tran). Then I tracked all the camera movement in Blender with some help from my friend Joseph Tran. First time I used Blender in production and certainly not the last, it was amazing, smooth and stable to track with Blender.

I did the rest with 3ds Max, V-Ray and PhoenixFD. Some explosion were done onset with real explosives and it was really cool to be there to see and hear that. It took us approx 2 weeks to track the cameras for the 18 shots since they were all blurry, full of moving stuff and pretty difficult motion. So not the kind of shots that can be track automatically. Then I spent another 2 weeks doing all the animation, smoke, fire and explosion simulations, lighting, rendering (I did the rigging for the tank in advance though).

I then did precomps for director Patrick Boivin who did the final compositing himself, adding some details of sparks, debris, bloom and glare. Patrick is also playing the role of the father with his son Romeo.

It was an amazing project to do, my only regret is that I didn't get to meet with Arnold, who plays in most Mobile Strike spots, even though we can hear his voice at the end! Maybe next time. ;)

A test I did for the tank firing FX and rigging:





I did a few 3D scans of squashes and pumpkins and put them up on Turbosquid.

Here are some Squashes and Pumpkins that I grabbed myself from the field with my little family, scanned them with love, retopologized and cleaned UVs in zbrush and uploaded them for sale on Turbosquid.

Click each image to buy them on Turbosquid if you want to use them in your projects or just study them..

squash_turban_ts_images_v001_00000 pumpkin_halloween_ts_images_v001_00000



squash_crookneck_ts_images_v004_00006 squash_hubbard_ts_images_v001_00000 squash_carnival_ts_images_v001_00001


3ds Max 2016 vs 3ds Max 2017 vs Houdini 15.5.565 vs Blender 2.78 rc2 Start Up Time

I am comparing start up times for max 2016 -17, Houdini and Blender.

Why those 4 apps? Because I am a 3ds Max user since more than 20 years and now I am seriously learning Houdini and Blender. And I was so impressed by Blender Startup time that I had to make this video.

3ds Max is surely an app I will still be using all my life cause there's always a trick or two that the old cowboy has in his hat that allows him to act faster or easier (but not its startup time for sure).

But frankly Houdini really feels like a more modern app, I would even say like the most top-notch cutting edge 3D app you can ever imagine.

Blender on its side (apart the fact it is loading so fast and has many technology max doesn't even has!) is most of all the result of the most innovative way of developing a 3D app: free and open source. We can share it, change it, use it, break it, fix it,Trash it, change it, mail - upgrade it... like the Daft Punk song: