Zotac 1080 Ti Mini for sale

I have a batch of Zotac 1080 Ti Mini for sale on Ebay!

What's very interesting with this card is that it's the smallest 1080 Ti in the world and will fit in 99% of systems. You can also fit many of them in a system that would only fit one of the other 1080ti. But it's also faster than the Founders Edition!

Also the 1080 Ti (apart from the too pricey professional card like quadro) in my opinion is the best choice for gamers, cg artists and miners. The just released AMD Vega rx cards that were rumored to be amazing for mining (70-100 MH/s) are finally very disapointing and far from the rumored speeds while still being pretty much useless for GPU rendering (opencl (AMD) being half the speed of cuda (Nvidia) for the same card).

So I bought a batch of them for my GPU render farm and bought a bit more to sell them on Ebay. I am planning to help pay for them by mining too.


New StrobFX Ladybug model on Turbosquid.

Here is the second Ladybug I am publishing on Turbosquid. This one is suitable for extreme close-ups.

The first one I did was originally for a car commercial for Cadillac and was only suitable to be seen from far. I improved that first version a bit adding fur and published it no Turbosquid a few years ago.

Then I did another Ladybug (a yellow one that was standing up) from scratch for a Youtube video paid by Marvel to promote the movie Antman, it was called Little Antman. I then started from that model to make the most realistic ladybug (red this time) that I could to sell on  Turbosquid. Since there are already many ladybugs on TS I wanted to make a very realistic and detailed one suitable for macro close-ups. I bought and learned to use Ornatrix with that model and loved it. I can't wait to make some fur animals now!

So here is the model. That version is not rigged yet. I am planning to make a rigged and an animated version soon.




StrobFX stock footage on Shutterstock and Pond5

StrobFX just started selling stock footage on Shutterstock and Pond5. So far I have a CG explosion that I created with PhoenixFD and an insect footage that I filmed in Japan. More to come soon!

See my work on these sites:



Pond5 StrobFX

StrobFX work used in Chaosgroup PhoenixFD installer splash screen.

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I'm very honnored to have some of my images in the PhoenixFD installer splash screen!!! Thanks Chaosgroup!!! PhoenixFD is a fluid simulation software that I use to simulate liquids, fire, smoke explosion and oceans.

King Lionel robot using mocap

StrobFX designed modeled, shaded, animated via mocap and rendered this King Lionel robot for a music video clip for Patrick Guérard, under Patrick Boivin direction. Mocap wit perception Neuron and hair grooming in Ornatrix.

Motion capture

StrobFX is now equipped with a full body motion capture suit that even capture all fingers. Here is a test that we did (contact us for all your motion capture needs):

Mobile Strike Playtime VFX breakdown

Voici un petit breakdown de mon travail de VFX et d'animaiton sur le spot Mobile Strike Playtime.

Here is a little breakdown of my VFX and 3D animation work on the Mobile Strike Playtime spot.



Entrevue à propos de mon travail sur CGrecord.

Entrevue à propos de mon travail sur le spot Mobile Strike Playtime par CGrecord:


Interview on CGrecord about my work on the Mobile Strike Playtime Spot: