Zotac 1080 Ti Mini for sale

I have a batch of Zotac 1080 Ti Mini for sale on Ebay!

What’s very interesting with this card is that it’s the smallest 1080 Ti in the world and will fit in 99% of systems. You can also fit many of them in a system that would only fit one of the other 1080ti. But it’s also faster than the Founders Edition!

Also the 1080 Ti (apart from the too pricey professional card like quadro) in my opinion is the best choice for gamers, cg artists and miners. The just released AMD Vega rx cards that were rumored to be amazing for mining (70-100 MH/s) are finally very disapointing and far from the rumored speeds while still being pretty much useless for GPU rendering (opencl (AMD) being half the speed of cuda (Nvidia) for the same card).

So I bought a batch of them for my GPU render farm and bought a bit more to sell them on Ebay. I am planning to help pay for them by mining too.